“Patient Communicator has been the most efficient tool for communicating with our patients on a daily basis. Their customer service has been stellar (shout out to Jay!) with immediate response to any questions we may have. Whether its used to shoot a quick text, daily appointment reminders or send a holiday greeting, we have found that this program offers a user friendly touch, along with a professional feel.
We are excited to have Patient Communicator represent our image.”
Dr. Terrence C. O’Keefe

Test Drive

We send birthday greetings to all of our patients and they love it! They use the 2 way texting feature to say thank you. We send out email, SMS, and voice confirmations for all appointments and about a third of the patients respond right away, which saves us lots of time on the phone. The reminders have also helped reduce no-shows tremendously. Definitely recommend it!

Dr. T.

Hanson Place Dental Associates

Patient Communicator is a really great system. I have it active in all 5 of my offices. The other systems I have tried made many promises but repeatedly failed to deliver. Patient Communicator works seamlessly with my practice management software and the patients love the simple sms and email reminders. It has helped our staff not have to spend the time confirming patients and has greatly decreased our no show rate.

Dr. Anup Panjwani

Owner, Hi Def Eye Care Centers

Very pleased. A big time saver, lots of positive feedback from patients, and we love the Online Scheduler. Highly recommended!


Office Administrator, Optician, Queen Anne Eye Clinic

We made the switch from Demand Force two years ago and have never looked back. The service and support are unparalleled and have greatly increased scheduling efficiency.

Micheline D. Young, OD

Cove Eyecare

We love the 2-way texting, and so do the patients! Patient Communicator helps us do things we’ve never attempted before. We now run refer-a-friend promotions, ask for online reviews, and send out holiday greetings to all of our patients. The integration with our practice management software has been great, and the automated confirmations and reminders save us hours every week.

Dr. Noah Levi

Southfield Family Dental Center

The 2-way texting is incredible! We love that our patients can text our office with questions and confirmations instead of calling. It saves us tons of time and it’s far more convenient for the patients, they absolutely love it. Most importantly, our no-shows have gone way down! Patient Communicator’s customer service is fantastic. Our dedicated support rep is always quick to answer any questions we might have in a courteous and professional manner. We truly enjoy working with them.

Charles Harper, DDS

Drs. Harper and Gilmore

Patient Communicator may be the best piece of software I have implemented in my practice. It saves us time, money, and aggravation. Setup was quick and easy, and the program integrated seamlessly with our practice management software. It is immediately obvious that a lot of intelligent thought has gone into developing this software. They have clearly looked at what the competition offers, listened to what their customers really want, and done their best to implement it. In addition, their customer service is top notch. They are also interested in hearing about anything that might improve their program, and seem intent on making it the Best In Class.

Mark S. Fradin, M.D.

Chapel Hill Dermatology

Patient communicator has proven to be a game changer for my practice. Apart from confirming appointments, my patients feel pampered when they receive best wishes on their birthday. Also it’s great communication link with our patients.

Deepak Sachdev, DDS

Family Dental Center

I purchased this system 6 months ago and already it has made an incredible difference in our practice. Less missed appointments, hundreds of dollars in postage saved, able to send patients birthday cards, Christmas cards, valentines cards, etc. Their post-purchase service is INCREDIBLE! Joe has gone above and beyond and returns your calls immediately as does the owner who returned my initial inquiry minutes after I placed the text on the weekend. Every member of our staff that has dealt with Joe has stated how incredible and helpful he has been and we truly appreciate it.

Dr. John A. Hardy

Owner, Academy Foot and Orthotic Clinics

Before we signed up with Patient Communicator, we tried two other systems and weren’t satisfied, so we know that nothing even comes close! Our patients love contacting us by text instead of calling in, and we love that our no-shows are way down, they’ve been cut in half! Our staff also saves at least an hour a day worth of phone calls, which gives them more time to spend with our customers in the store. Their customer support is second to none, and our knowledgeable and courteous support agent makes us feel like we’re his only client. We recommend Patient Communicator for any practice that cares about their patients.

Joshua M. Goldschmidt

OD, Nutley Eye Care, LLC

After being disappointed by a similar system, Patient Communicator has been such a relief! They have been attentive and informative from the start, and their service has been exceptional, having far exceeded my expectations. Our patients are thrilled and our staff loves how easy the system is to use! I would highly recommend using their service in your own practice.

Christina Bonsall

Marketing Coordinator & Optician, VisionArts EyeCare Center

Easy to use. Does everything our practice needs and more. Support/customer service is outstanding! Wish we had this sooner!

Jill Lombardi

Richard D. Gruntz, DDS, PC

This service has helped to free up staff time, reduce no shows, and aid in effective recall. The support has been helpful in training and in on going assistance. Totally worth it!

Rebecca Kitchens

OD, Cascade Optometry

Our patients love it! Easy to use and has cut down on no shows and late cancellations significantly!

Amore Dental Associates

We started working with Patient Communicator a few years ago.  Recently I underwent a training on the new and improved program.  I must say, I love it!  At the front desk time is everything.  With the help of Patient Communicator I have time to accomplish more work.  All I do is monitor Patient Communicator to ensure my confirmations are coming in.  Joe, our support specialist, is AMAZING!  He is wonderful to approach and is very prompt with his response.

Scott Udoff


I was introduced to Patient Communicator purely by chance, by Mr. Bob Beckett…and I am so grateful😀 We started using Patient Communicator earlier this year and I must say it has been an absolutely excellent experience!! Our trainer, Jay, made the process of learning the system so very easy and exciting. The software is very well designed for the needs of the Dental office..and we even were able to have some customizing done to make the system even more personalized. This system has greatly reduced the human error factor, often experienced with staff…so my stress levels have been reduced. It makes communication with patients so much easier and convenient to all… It really is a fantastic system, it has made our office and service really complete. Thank you Patient Communicator!!!!

Dr. Suzette Persad

Tooth Acres Dental Surgery

We have been very happy since signing up with Patient Communicator earlier this year. The training and customer service are outstanding, and they are very responsive. Our patients love the ability to confirm appointments by email or text, and it is pretty straight forward for all of our patients to use. Joe our trainer has contacted us on a consistent basis, making sure we know and use all the features. We wished we had signed up earlier!

Michael V. Gamboa DDS

We started using Patient Communicator a month ago and we are already ecstatic with the results.
Our patients’ response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Marc A. Levin, DMD, FAGD

Our patients love the messaging and are very receptive to both the texts and emails we send. It has helped free staff time for other office jobs.

Erica C. DeFabio, DMD

Fine Dentistry

I worked next to Corporate Stores for 30 years. Four years ago I transitioned to Private Practice. If it wasn’t for Patient Communicator, all those years of building a clientele would have been wasted. Absolutely the best investment for any practice!

Dr. Dennis Kehoe

Go Vikings!

Love this software!! Thanks to Patient Communicator our no show rate has dropped by at least 80%.

Saddleback Dental Associates

We’ve been using Patient Communicator for well over 2 years now. We send text messages or emails to them reminding them of their appointments and we’re getting rave reviews from our patients.

Dr. Kendall

Bay Pointe Chiropractic

We started working with Patient Communicator in July 2016 and it is amazing!!! Our office has been open since 1976 so yes we were “old school” and computers, social media, text, email was not our doctors thing. But it was definitely time for us to make some changes. Patient Communicator has made our life so much easier. It has freed our time up at the front desk so that we can be more focused on our patient care. The convenience of text and email confirmations as well as voice confirmation is great. Our patients love this! Birthday wishes, Referrals, Reviews, Thank You’s, Recall which we just started and upon initializing it we got 2 calls within 5 minutes!!! This program pays for itself. Our trainer Jay is always there to help and no matter how silly our questions are he is there to support and work with you to fine tune the needs of your practice. I highly recommend this program and look forward to what new things we will be implementing in the future.

Perry S. Kest, DDS

Software that really does what it says it will do – increase the percentage of patients that show up for their appointments – via automation! And the support/training Jay gives us is superb!

Riley F. Uglum O.D.

Eye Care Associates of New Hampton